So my potential client calls me and tells me she needs 10K likes by the end of this month. My first reaction would be to hang up the phone right here, right there as it is clear: we have a very different idea about how to use social media. But, of course, I don’t hang up. I am Virag, a responsible and mature entrepreneur (and a lady) and I don’t just hang up phones if I don’t like something. Dah…I know. 

So I try to get a picture of why exactly we need that 10K likes by the end of the month? Does she have a show coming up and she needs leads? Does she have a huge message to share and she wants people to know about it? 

But the answer, such as many times sounds as follows: I need those likes to give me credibility. 

Aham. I take a deep breath as I know the next 20 minutes are mine and I will need to explain to her why this approach is so wrong with this from the idea till the execution. She listens. So I am already thankful I did not hang up the phone: people who listen are the people you want (and will enjoy) working with. 

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After the 20 min talk, she says she understands and she agrees. I am relieved as I know that she won’t be joining the group of people (and companies) on social media who will pretend, fake and buy likes while believing in false hopes and ideas.

And what did I tell her?
Well, here is a 30-second sum up of it.

What is your take on buying likes on social media?
Yay or Nay?


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