Thousands of miles, nine cities, eight hotel beds (yes, I know that I said nine cities), at least 30 bagels and coffees, 160 working hours and so many more memories later, I’m on my way back to NYC. It was an incredible trip where business met pleasure, and new potentials met veteran clients. But today I want to talk about OFFICE SPACES. I know it is seemingly a boring topic but trust me, as a digital nomad, it is surely one of the greatest (and sweetest) challenge. Daily.

Here is what kind of space I need to be able to work:

  1. has a good WI-Fi connection,
  2. has space for my mess,
  3. relatively quiet but not too quiet,
  4. and makes me want to work. (I know, I want too much.)

While I admit that it is a true gift to have this office-search as part of my daily working challenge – and needless to say, I’m loving the hunt – sometimes the struggle is real. Like that day when I was interviewed for a radio show, and the coverage was so bad that I was cutting off, you know, like every second sentence. (Thank God I talked too much so even if you heard half of it, you got what I meant.) Or that day when I had a deadline, and my Wi-Fi connection got so weak that I needed to ring into my unknown neighbor’s flat to ask for Wi-Fi instead of milk.

So yes, finding a working place without a fixed office space isn’t always easy. And it is definitely not easy when you are traveling and changing cities every 4-5 days. And sometimes…well sometimes that office space isn’t too glamorous.

While everyone else is sleeping on the plane beside me, I’ve collected some of my working snapshots from this last month and while I need to admit, it was a pretty awesome month, I am showing you all this because I truly believe that you need a certain character to run your own show and be your own boss. We are all different. And that is GREAT!

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Chicago, IL – After a 4-hour sleep talking with a potential client. Would be a privilege to work with him. Yess…And that view…


Chicago, IL – When a client WhatsApp me, I WhatsApp back while the rest of the gang is buying my ticket to the architectural boat tour.


Ready to fly over the clouds…Yes, I did pay 5 USD for 3 hours of Wi-Fi. Yay.


Houston, TX – What you can’t see on the picture is that extreme humid air that makes your finger stick to the keyboard.


So except for the driver, we both are on our laptops tethering the precious 4G from our phones somewhere on the way to Austin, TX…


It was 1 AM in Austin, TX and I was starving and dying to finish a project. So this is when I work from a bed…


This morning in Austin, TX was pretty great. Finished a big project and it was all chill and cool, but the pool was just too cold…


Dallas rocked! I loved the city, I loved the views, and yes, I loved that working corner.


Huntington Beach, CA – I love strategy planning days. That means, all I need is a notebook and a pen (or two, as I either use them up or lose them.)


My garden office while I was talking on a Radio Show about my work and my love towards Israel. Yes, I think it is clear: I cannot not be a ballerina.


And sometimes all you really need is a Wi-Fi to send that report to your client and nothing else matters. Like really…nothing else.


Los Angeles, CA – I am literally lying on the grass as inside there was too much cartoon movie noise. lol


This spot in San Diego was certainly one of my most decent spots…and look how much I am into whatever I was doing…


My last day in San Diego and I was working on a strategy for a new client while getting some sea breeze before my flight.

So this is a little window into the life of a digital nomad. And I know for a fact that not everyone would enjoy this kind of working lifestyle, but if you do and you are just not there yet, here is my take-home message to you: DREAM. PLAN. WORK HARD. WORK HARDER. AND YOU WILL GET EVERYTHING YOU DREAMED OF.

Where are you working from? 


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