I understand, marathons are tough, and you need to work hard and consistently to make sure you don’t faint out half way through. Sprints, on the other hand, are much easier, you get to it, do it, and you get almost instant gratification. I am not a marathon-runner, even though being a ballet dancer pretty much made me one, but I run 5-10Ks instead of occasionally running until the nearest metro station only. Of course, the former requires me to get prepared, to allocate time for it, to count with an opportunity cost, and it requires effort from me. Sometimes, lots of effort.

Running to catch the next N train only requires a few seconds of my attention and a quick muscle tension and then it’s done.

Well, the same kind of concept applies to work, let it be social media management, building your business or personal brand, or writing your book. You can either do it with the desire for just get it done and get some instant gratification (some even don’t care for that) from it, or you can actually BUILD something, which, again, will require your time, effort and attention.

Sadly, far too many people opt for the first option and start buying up likes or claiming their names in line with the dollar amounts in their pockets instead of the skills they actually acquired or instead of offering a genuine value proposition.

Once again, I understand that you want results for yesterday, but tell me what’s the purpose of a sprint towards being another fake smile on social media?

Needless to say, my clients shoot for the long-haul, they love what they do, they stand for a cause, so they are fully committed to working hard and aim for a marathon in their niche, instead of, you know, just catching the next train.

Do you want to hear more?
Here is a 30-second video of why you should not aim for a sprint on social media.

What are you choosing? 


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Your Online Success Starts With YOU!