New Media is a vague umbrella term – and this is why I love using it. If you want to be successful online today, it’s not enough that you know how to post an article on Facebook, and it is likewise not enough to know how to write a compelling blog post. During the last 10 years, I walked through a unique career path; and all opportunities gave me a diverse skill-set that I am happily merging as a New Media Guru.

From setting up your blog, to creating an e-zine, to working out your first social media strategy, or re-targeting your latest digital campaign, till bringing you engaging creative content, animating your presentations, and never ceasing to surprise you with yet an other way of doing things – this is what I traded my ballerina shoes for. More 

Do you remember when you looked up that guy (or gal) on Facebook the other week? What was your first impression? YES! That impression is lasting, and that impression is your online Personal Branding. 

But such as your offline branding (the way you look, move, talk – what you say, how you say and when), your online branding is also demanding some care and love; but above all, a clear goal-setting and consistent follow-up activities. And if you think you don’t need to take care of you online personal brand, just remember: if you don’t take care of it, someone else will! More →

The first one-on-one coaching I gave I was only 7. I remember guiding a friend in a difficult family situation step-by-step on how she could take back the control over her life. As the success of beginners, she came back a few weeks later and said thank you. I’ve never felt happier. It took me a good few years, though, to see and accept the impact I have on other’s lives. And this is not because I am in some sort of superior role, but because we all have a skill that just comes naturally to us.

For me, this is public speaking, and empowering others – be it about personal branding, holding your hand until you make that  career change, or teach you how to build an authentic social media that brings business. And my ballerina past comes rather handy!  More →

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Your Online Success Starts With YOU!