The pressure to make it on social media is huge. All today’s teenagers want to be is ‘famous’, business owners are seeking the tools to go viral, automated systems are taking care of your daily tweets, follow-for-follow tricks expand your follower list. But do you need to be someone else to succeed on social media? Would you be the same person if we meet in real life? Would you tell me face-to-face what you posted on Facebook the other day?

In this workshop I tell you how to stand out from the social media cluster, how to use the main social media platforms to build an engaging community not just an anonym follower list, how to enhance your business accounts with your personal ones,  and how not to fall into the trap of echoing everyone, automating everything and losing your greatest USP (unique selling point), and that is your authenticity. The workshop also covers some of the most essential tips & tricks to give true power to your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, G+, LinkedIn and beBee accounts.


My motto when it comes to personal branding is unless you have never made an email account, you either take care of what Google brings up of you, or someone else will.

Today 75% of recruiters are required to search candidates’ online presence. Among the 1,000 alike resumés your chances to stand out is getting slimmer and slimmer. And not using social media as your branding tool, and your chance to get noticed, is a terrible mistake and a missed opportunity.

This workshop is literally for anybody and everybody. Whether you want to get THAT job, or planning a career change, or dreaming about opening that cozy coffee shop by the corner, or perhaps already have a business that just needs a little push – without  a strong online presence you’re cutting your chances. I’ll teach you the core of personal branding: how to define your personal brand, how to plan your online strategy, how to think like a brand, how to position yourself in your niche, and will show you how a strong personal brand can lead you to anywhere you want.


Did you know that 90% of people aged between 18-29 sleep with their smartphones? With a 3-second spanning time, with Facebook being the primary source of news for Millennials, with the periodical alerts on the death of newspapers, and with the emerging power of blogging, community journalism, digital storytelling, and social media, understanding the main differences between traditional media and new media is one of the basic needs for anyone who wants to convey a message to an audience. 

This 60-min workshop is perfect for University students majoring in Communications, Media or PR, but also for any audience that wants to grasp a better picture of the evolution of media, the traditional and new features of media, the evolving traits of journalism, the power of social media, and the impacts of all these buzz around us.


It never occurred to me that there are people who don’t enjoy being under the reflector light. I only started to see that when I stopped dancing and entered the business world. I remember how my colleagues would get more nervous before the Board Meetings and how I was just so excited about them. We both were thinking about the same action item of these meetings: presentations.

Some of us might be more introvert than others, but with a great mindset and some tricks and techniques, you too can join those who are eager to stand up and entertain, educate or inform a group of people without sweaty hands and rushing heartbeats.

What is the first rule? ‘They’re just cabbage heads.’ Expect a workshop filled with practicalities, personal feedback, and actual doing (you can leave your laptop at home), while touching upon such essentials as the importance of non-verbal communications, whether to use a PPT or not, what to do if you get a blackout in the middle of your speech, how to know your speaking points but don’t sound like a robot. You’ll leave empowered, waiting for your chance to show what you’ve got.


It’s been almost ten years that I decided to leave my well-known and predestined career path behind and start with a blank page again. I was lost and terrified and without much help or guidance. By today, don’t believe that we have one calling in life – I have at least 5 that I know of today.

While mainstream HR still cheers for a linear career path (us, women are already starting from the 2nd row), and a resumé without gaps, curves and star education, I am more confident than ever (and I know I am not alone) that this is not sustainable any longer. But changing a career takes guts – and sometimes it’s not the right thing to do – but with clear action plans, you can save some sleepless nights to yourself.

During this workshop, I’ll tell you how NOT to change a career, why NOT to change a career, and when NOT change a career. I’ll teach you some life-saver methods on how to figure out what you want, what are your five main options, how to map your action items, and how not to fall apart in midway.

Speaking / Training Calendar

I’m excited about these events: 

The 1st ever bebee.com Twitter chat, Moderator, online, 15 Nov, 2016

Devora Clark Radio Show, Interview, 14 Nov, 2016

WordPress and Online Media Company Coaching (NDA), online, Nov, 2016

Online Media for the Golden-Ager (50+), online,  TBT

I loved doing these:

WordPress and Online Media Company Coaching (NDA), Los Angeles, June 2016 – Training leader

“Move It Forward” event: digital starter event for girls & women, Brussels, Jan 2016 –
Online communities and communications coaching for a group of 50

Building a Safe Online Environment for Women, Brussels, Oct 2015
Workshop Leader

New Ways of Media Consumption, Corvinus University, Budapest, April, 2015
Guest Lecturer 

“I’ve learned is that plan B is better than plan A”
Talking with Pink Pangea, Sept 2015

Women who decide to change their lives
Talking with West-Info, Sept 2015

HBA Global Expo, New York City, 2014

Presenting: Online Media, Obelis s.a., Brussels, 2013
Workshop leader for a group of 30

I’d be happy to hear from you and tailor a speaking for your needs:


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