What People Are Saying

“Virag is a maverick when it comes to social media”


“I have an angel. Not the kind that hovers from above. The kind that pecks at her laptop while sipping on a latte. Someone who cares about my company’s mission and works daily to help me realize it. That angel is a new media consultant, and her name is Virag Gulyas.”

Lana Melman – CEO of Liberate Art Inc.


“Virag is taking care of my brand as it would her own”

In a short amount of time, working with my social media and marketing, Virag shaped my online presence into a powerful, recognizable brand with a tangible ROI while never losing sight of keeping my brand authentic and exciting.

Matt Sweetwood – President & CEO of beBee


“This successful European campaign was Virag’s”

“We just provided the raw material but you put this into a very successful media campaign that is worthy of the importance of the subject. You have been such a worthwhile addition to the ECA team and it has been a pleasure working with you.”

Paul Reuters – Pilot, Technical Director at ECA


“In whatever she does, Virag goes up and beyond”

Virag is our Social Media Strategist and an incredibly dazzling woman capable of doing anything we ask of her.

Craig Dershowitz – Founder of Artists4Israel


“Virag is with you all the way!”

I was going through a very rough phase in life when I found Virag’s online magazine and reached out to her for possible contribution. Virag not only encouraged me but shortly became my mentor to write even better and more authentically. She is one of the most powerful influencers I know, and any person with dreams can wish for. She is such an honest human being with contiguous compassion and subtle flares of leadership.

Nyn Nageen – Senior Manager Marketing, Avery Dennison USA

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Your Online Success Starts With YOU!