Are you ready to take a leap of faith, take control over your self or your business and build the brand YOU have always dreamed of? 


If you are on this site, you either stumbled up on me by accident, or you saw some snippets of my works somewhere, or – and this is the MAJORITY of the cases – someone said: “you have to check her out!” 


Either way, thanks for the trust and being here. 


I know, online media is a big maze where people are wandering either senselessly or with false hopes of instant gratification. Whether we talk about social media, personal branding or a full-fledged online communications strategy, we are talking about relatively new concepts that have one constant feature: CHANGE! Everything is evolving and it is pretty darn hard to keep up with these changes, let alone know what really fits your niche and needs. 


That being said, here is what I do: 

I help people and brand owners build a successful online media presence that is authentic, sustainable and recognizable.

In practice, it means: I guide you step by step on how to define your personal brand and put it all into motion making it as natural to you as having your daily cup of Joe.

I also work with select organizations on their social media strategies and help their tireless fight towards their cause. (I really only work with people who want to better the world and walk the talk. Sorry, but not that sorry!)

Are you ready? Let's see if you are ready to hire a brand digger consultant!

While I do believe that we all have that spark that can change our lives, maybe you need more time before you should hire someone to put that spark out there to shine. 

Are you ready to work, work and work?

While I KNOW that you can reach incredible goals, earn well and have a healthy work-life balance, I also know that it takes tons of WORK to get there. I don’t believe in instant gratification, getting 6-figure fees in a month while sipping your cocktail in Bali. Yes, we will aim for your financial freedom (dah…) but we will be a great match if you have a CAUSE that wakes you up in the middle of the night, a cause that makes your heart beat faster. Why? Because if you have a cause, I know that you will be ready to do the work and implement the strategies we work out. 

Do you have a budget allocated to your brand?

While I take on some works on charity basis that is really time dependent. So come with a budget in mind and we tailor our collaboration around that. 

Do you know what is you why and where you are heading?

While I love people who are half-ready and come with a strong and clear direction where they need some help, it is absolutely OK to feel confused or unsure as to what your brand is and what you should do with it. This latter one is actually pretty exciting place to be at and we could do some amazing things. 

So what type of projects I am working on?

Check out those pretty boxes below and let me know if you have something else in mind. 

Your Online Success Starts With YOU!
Dare to be different. Dare to be Authentic!
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Your Online Success Starts With YOU!